Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (based on student evaluations), Spring 2015
Harvard University Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising (nominated), Academic Year 2015-2016


Government 97: Democracy - Sophomore Tutorial

Teaching Fellow (Spring 2015)
Professors: Nancy Rosenblum, Stephen Ansolabehere
Evaluations: 5.0/5.0

Government 20: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Head Teaching Fellow (Fall 2014)
Teaching Fellow (Fall 2011)
Professor: Steve Levitsky
Evaluations: 4.0/5.0, 4.3/5.0 

Government 40: Introduction to Conflict and Cooperation

Teaching Fellow (Summer 2014, Spring 2011)
Professor: David Rezvani, Stephen Rosen
Evaluations: --, 3.7/5.0

Government 99r: Seminar - Senior Thesis Writing

Teaching Fellow (Spring 2013, Spring 2015)
Instructor: George Soroka

Course Materials

Analytic Essay Writing Guide

How to Study for Comparative Politics

Sample Research Design Lecture

Sample Methodology Lecture